Holistic Services

Linda Bordow

Linda Bordow is a holistic alternative practitioner focusing on providing balance for her client’s mind, body, spirit and life.  She uses a variety of methods including Vibrational Therapy, Life Coaching, Reiki and Spiritual Counseling. 

Drawing from her training as a former competitive figure skater, United States Marine and ordained non-denominational minister, Linda provides her clients with powerful tools and techniques for creating a more fulfilled life.  Her private sessions are tailored to the specific challenges and roadblocks each individual, couple, teen or child may be facing.

Services Include the following:


Laying-on-of-stones:  Placement of crystals and minerals to balance and align your chakras and energy fields.  Tuning forks are set specifically to octaves and vibrational rates of each chakra to provide adjustments to your energy field.

Life Coaching:  If you are seeking to transform or have a breakthrough in any area of your life, coaching equips you with an action plan and the necessary tools to schieve your set goals.

Usui Reiki:  Traditional Japanese form of energy therapy for your entire body through the gentle laying on of hands.  Reiki activates your body’s natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well being.

Guided Meditation:  Various visualization techniques and verbal affirmations guide and enable you to reprogram subconscious beliefs and habit patterns.  Meditation can bring about positive changes in your physical, emotional and mental health, improve your energetic and spirtual balance and just generally change your life for the better.

Spiritual Guidance:  This service helps you evolve to a higher level.  Initiating the healing process in an area once considered blocked.  Spirtual Guidance helps you to see situations more clearly and offers solutions to move onward to a more positive future.


Energy Clearing:  This energy clearing service helps clear, balance, stabilize and shield disturbed geophysical and metaphysical energies in both individuals and environments such as a home or office space.

You may call Smith Family Chiropractic Wellness Center to inquire about Linda’s services and prices or you may call her direct at 480-600-1064.

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